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ARFIS 2_IS_Print vs electronic

This study seeks to investigate the format preferences for class readings - digital or print - and the reading behaviors of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Participation will take a total of about 5-10 minutes.

There are no potential risks or discomforts from participating in this study.

The results of the research may further our understanding of how students prefer to read their course material, online or print, and inform the decisions and policies of libraries and instructors regarding the collection and dissemination of online and print academic materials.

This survey is completely anonymous. No information you provide can be traced to you or identify you in any manner.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the research, you can contact ...

There are 24 questions in this survey.
This survey is anonymous.

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Group 1. Academic Readings
(This question is mandatory)
I remember information from my course readings best when I read them from printed pages
(This question is mandatory)
It is more convenient to read my assigned readings electronically than to read them in print
(This question is mandatory)
I prefer to have all my course materials in print format (e.g. book, course reader, handouts)
(This question is mandatory)
If an assigned reading is 7 pages or more, I prefer to read it in print
(This question is mandatory)
I prefer to print out my course readings rather than read them electronically
(This question is mandatory)
I like to make digital copies of my printed course materials
(This question is mandatory)
I usually highlight and notate my printed course readings
(This question is mandatory)
If an assigned reading is less than 7 pages, I prefer to read it electronically
(This question is mandatory)
I am more likely to review my course readings (after I've read them at least once) when they are in print
(This question is mandatory)
I prefer electronic textbooks over print textbooks
(This question is mandatory)
I usually highlight and annotate my electronic readings
(This question is mandatory)
I can focus on the material better when I read it in print
(This question is mandatory)
I prefer to read my course readings electronically
(This question is mandatory)
I prefer to read course readings which are in my native language electronically rather than print
(This question is mandatory)
I prefer reading foreign language material in print than electronic
(This question is mandatory)
I read my electronic course readings on a:
(This question is mandatory)
My preferred reading format, electronic or print, depends on the language of the reading
Group 2. Demographic questions
(This question is mandatory)
Are you:
(This question is mandatory)
How old are you?
(This question is mandatory)
Your current status as a student is:
(This question is mandatory)
I am majoring, or planning on majoring in:
(This question is mandatory)
Do you have any visual or other limitation that influences your preference for electronic or print format?
If Yes, please specify
What else would you like us to know about your academic reading format preferences?
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